Tại sao dùng Partial Discharge và Thermal Scan

Thermal Imaging is a low cost, effective method of protecting your business assets and giving you peace of mind. It is an essential part of a successful Preventative and Predictive Maintenance plan allowing you to detect electrical faults before the component fails. A thermal imaging camera is used to detect hot-spots where potential problems could arise.  This service can highlight potential problems before they arise.

Partial Discharge Testing (HV systems) can detect damage or degradation within an insulated HV system, which can result in major equipment failure.  This can be routinely carried out to assess the condition of motors, generators, HV transformers and other types of switchgear.  Diagnostic partial discharge measurements are recommended if testing highlights marked potential faults, such as gas-in-oil values or after a failed PD measurement during acceptance tests.

Because these services are virtually non-intrusive, they are extremely fast and efficient at fault-finding.

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