1-way winding 1-way voltage measurement experiment

1. Purpose

Measure the winding with one-way current to consider whether the splits are right or wrong, the coil is seamless or broken, the quality starts to connect and the welding.

  • Before measuring one-way renubbiation, the hiccup switch should operate 3 times.
  • Use a specialized bridge to measure the one-way voltage of the coils. If one-way Infinity and Amp are used to measure, these meters must have a minimum accuracy level of 0.5.
  • Measure all the high, middle and lower coils at all stages of division, if the Y-fighting coil has a neutral head outwards, measure at A0, B0, C0.
  • When measuring the star coil, without the neutral ends taken out, we must measure the one-way voltage of the pairs of coils and the attribution to one phase is as follows:

RAB = RA + RB = aRBC = RB + RC = bRCA = RC + RA = cIn which: a, b, c are the voltage values measured by bridge (or V-A), when attached to the poles AB, BC, CA.

Solving the equation system above we have the following phase-by-phase recoding:

  • How to calculate errors:

In it:

Rmax – The largest one-way voltage at the same rung between phases.

Rmin– The smallest one-way voltage at the same rung between phasesLaboratory equipment: Model One-Way Counterometer: VANGUARD/USA's WRM-10P.

2. Measurement method Based on IEC 60076-1:2011 (section 11.2) or QCVN QTD 5:2009/BCT (article 27) and based on the contract of use of WRM-10P/VANGUARD/USA variable ratio measuring device(WRM-10P S2 user's manual)Measurement diagram: Figure 8: 1 phase transformer coil voltage measurement test diagramFigure 9: Experimental diagram measuring 3 phase 3 transformer coils.

Assess the results of one-way voltage value measured when compared with the factory document and compare betweenphases with each other if the deviation is not more than 2% is satisfactory.

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