1. Operation Electric Closing test

  • Experiments and inspections of electrical equipment to ensure the requirements of investors, electricity and manufacturers for commercial buildings and industrial factories;
  • Implementation of electrical and petrochemical experiments strictly adhered to the processes and procedures ISO 17025;
  • Check equipment from 400VAC to 35kV;
  • Contact the electricity to carry out the necessary tasks;
  • MCCB cutting Machine, ACB, ATS, transformer, medium voltage cabinet, power cable, generator, Busway, UPS, SCADA system etc…

2. Periodic maintenance

  • Periodic maintenance planning according to customers ' requirements;
  • Testing of shearing machines, power distribution cabinets, control relays, etc.;
  • Check the oil samples for Transformers from 7.2 kV, 22kV, 35kV to 220kV (capacity 1000kVA, 2000kVA, 5000kVA to 250MVA;
  • To establish a report of status, improvement and Remedias;
  • Thermal scan service for low voltage electrical panel equipment;
  • The Partial Discharge testing Service for medium voltage Cabinets 7.2 kV, 22kV, 35kV;
  • Spare-parts provision.

3. Renovation upgrades

  • Surveying status and consulting solutions for upgrading;
  • Assess existing equipment after the factory operation 5, 10, 15 years;
  • Proposed upgrade schemes;
  • Provide total services including supply, installation and operation of experiments for upgrading equipment;
  • Medium-voltage equipment, transformer, UPS, cables, Busway, automation, software, PLC, SCADA, DCS.

4. Energy Management

  • System survey and consultancy for energy management solutions;
  • Detailed design and implementation of solutions including hardware, software and integration;
  • Automation of energy management process (Gas-gas-water – steam – electric);
  • Applying 4.0 technology to the management of plant energy;
  • Provide overall operational installation.

5. Consulting & Assess the quality of electricity, water, chemicals…

  • Applicable to systems or lost power, harmonics, hot equipment;
  • Provide services for the coordination of protection of electrical systems;
  • Research on the effects of harmonics and remedials through AHF, UPS;
  • Installation of power quality measuring devices, consulting evaluation according to IEEE519;
  • Clean water Consultancy According to ISO 17025 (water quality);
  • Consulting on improving network security according to safety standards;
  • The overall design of the power system to the 220kV level (according to the practice certificate).

6. Long-term overall contract

  • Provide the overall service to the customer by the overall contract;
  • Maintenance and testing of all electrical system + periodic automation;
  • Contact the power and coordinate customer;
  • Visit Monthly Periodic check – quarter – year;
  • Check Online for systems through thermal scanning (low-temperature system, Busway) and PD (medium World + MBA systems);
  • Stand-by 24/7 with the commitment response time 2h-4h-6h;
  • Be present to resolve the issue in accordance with the contract commitments;
  • Energy management and digital power system remote;
  • Contract management with long-term customers 2, 3, 4.5 years.