Signing Ceremony of Business Strategic Cooperation between SpeedMaint Software Company and Hoang Lien Son Energy Joint Stock Company

On October 12, 2021, at the headquarters of Hoang Lien Son Energy Joint Stock Company, there was a signing ceremony of business strategic cooperation between SpeedMaint Co., Ltd. and Hoang Lien Son Energy Joint Stock Company (HLS Electrical Testing).

The signing ceremony marks the sustainable cooperation between SpeedMaint and HLS Electrical Testing in providing technology solutions and maintenance services, equipment asset management in the fields of manufacturing, heavy industry, industrial electricity, electricity and water,… in the market.

Participating in the strategic signing ceremony include representatives of both business parties. HLS companies include:

  • Mr. Do Manh Dung – CEO of HLS Electrical Testing
  • Mr. Luong Xuan Trung – CEO of DME (Sustainable Development Technology Services Co., Ltd. and Energy QL)

The signed representatives on the side of SpeedMaint Software Co., Ltd. include:

  • Mr. Nguyen Dang Cuong – CEO of SpeedMaint CMMS

Ms. Pham Thi Thuy – Sales Manager SpeedMaint CMMS For more than 15 years of operation, Hoang Lien Son Energy Joint Stock Company has been one of the leading companies in the North in particular and the country in general providing electrical experiment services, maintenance as well as energy consumption solutions. HLS' clients are known to range from commercial buildings, industrial buildings, industrial park factories, heavy industrial plants as well as power facilities such as solar, wind power,…." HLS's core values are to provide solutions for electrical experiments, maintenance and energy management – these are the in-depth strengths of HLS.

Therefore, our vision is to develop HLS to grow and go further into this area of services. We look forward to finding products, solutions &services. In particular, priority is given to solutions that go towards software and digitization to help customers better manage their equipment systems" Mr. Do Manh Dung, CEO of HLS Electrical Testing shared.

When asked about the desire to find solutions and software products that match the strengths that HLS has, Mr. Do Manh Dung shared about the opportunity to cooperate between SpeedMaint and HLS: "We realized that the potential between the two sides is that there is the same market but no similar products – which means we can complement the opportunity to cooperate between SpeedMaint and HLS: "We realized that the potential between the two sides is that there is the same market but no similar products – which means that we can complement it. What we're missing. Because of that necessity, we share the same market, the same enthusiasm, we are Vietnamese enterprises with many young resources and a lot of enthusiasm. Therefore, we see that this partnership has a lot of opportunities to succeed and will definitely bring results in the shortest time." From the similarities in the operational mission between SpeedMaint and HLS, the two sides have come to an agreement on business strategic cooperation in the field of providing solutions & services for maintenance and asset management of equipment on the basis of data digitization and software applications. The two sides agreed to jointly introduce products and services and promote the business development activities of partners in their customer networks and support the introduction of customers to each other. On the basis of mutual trust and cooperation to develop together, this strategic cooperation agreement will contribute to creating momentum to build a solid foundation for the development strategy of the two sides to jointly bring to the market the best products and services for customers. It is expected that the signing ceremony of this cooperation will contribute to promoting the growth of both in many aspects of operation, improving the capacity, strength as well as prestige of both in the market and on the path of future development.

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