1. Certificate & Certification

1.1. Vilas 1215 Laboratory Accreditation Certificate

1.2. Certificate of registration of inspection activities

1.3. Schneider Electric Partner Certification

1.4. Gutor Experts Partner Certification

1.5. Speedmaint Partner Certification

2. Laboratory Equipment Catalogue

3. Facility:

Electrical Laboratory Petrochemical Laboratory

4. Human & Digital:

HLS Energy has a team of very skilled professionals who are deeply trained and experienced in the practical application of digital applications to the process of operation from sales to project implementation. The most typical of these are the EcoStruxure Augmented Operator Advisor (AOA) Application Solution Kit.

EcoStruxure Augmented Operator Advisor (AOA) is a set of HLS ENERGY's application solutions that help support factory operations based on augmented reality technology. This set of applications enables the display of virtual information on real images from the camera screen:

      -Users directing the camera of the tablet toward the equipment/area to be monitored

      -AOA uses special image processing algorithms to identify the device/region in which the camera is aiming, compared to a previously saved photo library of the device/region

      -Once recognized, the information points (POI – Point of Interest) will be displayed on the camera screen   

      -The information can show:

                  + Real-time operational data

                  + Data taken from SQL database

                  + Documentation, drawings

                  + Open Site

                  + Open Video/audio

                  + Guidance on operation and maintenance procedures

* Benefits to users

  • Improve operational efficiencies and maintenance work by providing quick, on-the-spot information
  • Reduce machine downtime: Avoid having to stop the machine to open the electrical cabinet when you need to consider the equipment in the cabinet thanks to the viewing function inside the electrical cabinet.
  • Reduced maintenance Time: Provides quick documentation (manual, drawing, circuit diagram) to the machine being monitored, which helps to reduce search time, thereby improving repair time, maintenance of the machine
  • Reduce human error, shorten training time for operators thanks to the function of manual operation and maintenance.

Video Description Solution: