I. Vision:

Commercial buildings, factories, industrial premises should always be provided and operate electricity safely, reliably, efficiently and in order to save services and solutions as a customer’s top concern when choosing suppliers. Therefore, we aim to become a leading technology and service enterprise in the field of electrical inspection and maintenance as well as efficient energy services.

II. Mission:

Long-term investment for service and human Technologies performs laboratory expertise in maintenance of electrical systems and equipment by all resources with the highest passion, pioneering high technology applications, creating breakthrough solutions in the solution service model for customers operating business Vietnam.

III. Operational objectives:

  • Owning and operating the enterprise with modern machinery and a team of leading specialists in Vietnam on electrical experiments, power quality and energy efficiency;
  • Ensure the power of operation and the laboratory work in accordance with the standard of quality requirements of ISO 17025;
  • Benefit to the company-customers-shareholders-employees and ensure social responsibility.

IV. HLS Employee Commitment:

  • Customer satisfaction: Is the honor of all activities of the company
  • Responsibility: Be responsible for all tasks assigned, customer service, long-term commitment, quality and service leading
  • Openness: listening, learning and receiving ideas, getting new technology to serve customers better
  • Honest: Commit to be honest and forthright before any issues with customers, colleagues and companies
  • Efficiency: Digital in operating All tasks, adherence to the process to create efficiency in work, improve soft skills to listen and serve customers.