Happy Vietnam Women's Day 2021

Vietnamese women …
It's hard to find a word that describes how we feel about Vietnamese women.
These are the images of mothers sending their husbands and children to the battlefield and receiving "wounds on my chest, when the wind comes back aching", "three times see you off, twice cry silently" !… These are the noblest images of The German sacrifice of "Mother Vietnam"!
These are also the images of women who struggle early in the morning and rainy afternoon to take care of their families on the small hands of mothers, sisters, wives, willing to do all the hard work so that the children can "go to school" and let their husbands "pursue career dreams".
In this day and age, these are also the images of female colleagues, friends and partners who are hardworking, diligent, serious and always very well-groomed at work, always the earliest and the latest in the company, a company without the image of a woman must be a failed company, Women always help to make decisions that are more accurate, fair and humane. Today's girls deserve to be considered "Good at water, Housework"!
It's hard to imagine if there were no Vietnamese women in life and work!
On the occasion of Vietnam Women's Day 20/10, join us HLS Energy to send to mothers, sisters, colleagues and customers the best wishes, a day full of fresh flowers and full of laughter!
HLS Energy!

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